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We are building the world’s most capable foundational models, allowing anyone to generate beautiful, cinematic and high-definition video in minutes.

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Life at Moonvalley

At Moonvalley, we're a dynamic and passionate team that values user-centricity, craftsmanship, and fun.

We’re working tirelessly to create the first foundational AI video model for creators, and we're dedicated to using the highest-quality tools available while building our own when necessary.

As a fully distributed team, we rely on platforms like Zoom, Notion, and Miro to collaborate and connect with each other.

When possible, we also love to meet up for retreats in exciting locations. These events give us the chance to bond as a team and recharge our batteries while exploring new places.


📈 Competitive Pay and Stock

Everyone has a stake in the game through stock options and we offer competitive packages so you’re committed to what we’re building and not worried about comp.

🏥 Health Stipend

We provide a health benefits stipend and where applicable by local regulations - health, dental, and vision coverage.

🌴 Time off

We want people to take time off to rest and rejuvenate. We offer unlimited paid vacation as well as observed holidays by country.

💻 Tools

You’ll receive equipment that’s needed for you to do your best work.

⏰ Async first culture and schedule

We’re remote-first and operate through async workflows. We understand that life doesn't happen just outside the hours of 8am – 5pm and have built a flexible work environment to meet this.

🏖️ Company Offsites

While we’re a fully remote company. We still believe in the value of co-working together in person. We try and hold week-long team retreats at least twice a year in various locations throughout the globe.